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Jon Garrett’s New Christmas Album

Jon Garrett just posted a preview of his new Christmas Album that is due out in Nov 2009. Please go take a look and a listen to the previews of his album at his blog site – John Garrett Music

Album cover that I photographed for Jon Garrett

Album cover that I photographed for Jon Garrett

The photo on the cover is one that I shot if him at the Sheldon Theater in St. Louis. What a thrill to be included as part of Jon’s amazing work. He is one of the most talented and gifted individuals I have ever met. I had a wonderful time photographing Jon. He was nervous at first of being photographed, but he melted into his element when he began to sing while I shot photos of him. It was evident how much he loves music and how is a deep part of him. His voice is so spectacular that I just wanted to put my camera down and sit and listen to him for hours. It was a fun shoot. Funny how some of the most challenging shots ended up being some of the most interesting shots. I was shooting some photos of Jon as he played on a magnificent grand piano. Trouble was the piano was in a very dark corner of the theater and was surrounded by highly reflective wood panels. Getting light and focus right was quite difficult and I felt like it wasn’t working. I was pleasantly surprised at the end results.

The photo Jon selected for the cover shot was an interesting shot also. I moved Jon to the balcony of the Sheldon Theater and had the red stage light illuminating the stage in the background. I had a speed-light off-camera and hooked up remotely via Pocket Wizard remotes. As I took the shot I jerked the camera. The flash kept Jon in focus while the ambient light on the stage blurred the background.

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Posted by greggboyer on October 24, 2009

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