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I will never…

Famous last words. I will never… Some 34 years ago I said “I will never shoot another wedding.” I had shot my best friends wedding and messed up when I borrowed an extra flash that turned out not to sync with my camera. This was in the days of film, before LCD monitors where you can “chimp” and see if everything is going OK. It didn’t go OK and turned out badly. It was all made worse by the young cockiness and bravado I had at the time. I was also attempting to develop and print my own color film.

I pretty much gave up photography after that except for family and personal stuff. I picked the camera up again more seriously only about 6 years ago when I went on my first trip to Africa with Service International.

Well, I finally took that Albatross off from around my neck and in the last year I shot 4 weddings. I’m happy that I did and I’m a better photographer for having grown past that.

Lesson learned: I do not live up to my full potential mostly due to the limits I set on myself. I believe that there is so much more that God has for all of us, if only we can get “us” out of the way. What limits have you set on yourself?

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Posted by greggboyer on October 24, 2009
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  1. 10/29/2009

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It’s gorgeous – and so is that image!!!!

  2. 11/5/2009
    Vicki Edwards

    So true! Never say never…God is not done with us yet! Long ago, I said I’d never go to Africa. Gotta go…packing for Uganda!
    I’m glad for His patience…and sense of humor.


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