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I went on a PhotoWalk today with a friend. We drove through darkness and fog in the pre-dawn to get to a beautiful little Mississippi river town named Louisiana, MO. It is always fun, relaxing and very exciting when I go on photo-walks. It just brings out the best creativity in me. It feel like my eyes are wide open and seeing everything new.

Up the Stairs

One of the places we found was a very old burial park called River View Cemetery. There are graves and memorials there from the Civil War , located on a high bluff above the river. It was beautiful with all the trees turning fall colors and the fog winding through the moss covered, ancient, gravestones. The stone stairs in the photo on the right caught my eye.  I wonder if you feel like I did when I first saw them. I just had to jump out of the car and see where the stairs led to. They lead up to an overlook of the Mississippi river and the town of Louisiana far below. But it was impossible to see the river today since it was wrapped in heavy fog. Yet the mystery of not being able to see the sights below was enchanting. There was a sound of stillness all around me as the river fog blanketed noise to a whisper. But I could still make out the telltale sound of a river barge slowing churning its way north through the water and fog.

Photo Walks are a joy.

Posted by greggboyer on October 29, 2009

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