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Gypsy Friends

Gypsy Friends

Some street friends in Kosova

The little, blue-eyed,  Kosova, gypsy girl in the photo on the right had the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. I was immediately reminded of the green-eyed, Afghan girl that Steve McCurry made famous on the cover of National Geographic magazine. This girl’s eyes were like the Afghan girl’s eyes, they were beautiful and haunting. This girl loved being photographed, but always wanted to be photographed with someome with her in the photo. She was with several other children. They were all “working” the crowd of people in the market square of Gjakova, Kosova. Or so I first thought, but they never asked for money or anything else from us. Like so many children I have met all over the world, from the inner city of St. Louis to Africa to Kosova, they needed someone to show love more than they needed food or money.

This photo was taken just a short distance from a large statue of Mother Teresa, whose mother was from Gjakova, Kosova. It is always a wonder to me how much respect Mother Teresa, an Albanian, has in this Muslim country. But it is like I said, love is the most important thing. It even breaks down barriers like religion. Mother Teresa knew this all too well.

Posted by greggboyer on November 5, 2009
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  1. 11/5/2009

    This is really good. It does leave you wanting more pictures. Can’t wait to see what you post next. I am a big fan of yours. LOL

  2. 11/5/2009
    Eric Sieck

    Great blog Gregg. I think the g key is worn after that. Love the photos, they capture such emotion. Eric


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