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Pure Joy

Pure Joy In 2007 I traveled twice to Cambodia with Service International. I had the pleasure of working on multiple SI projects going on in
Cambodia and was used as SI’s official photographer. Two of the many projects were, distributing 10 tons of rice to people in a slum area outside of Phnom Penh, and building an orphanage in Kampong Chnang.

Asia is such a joy to photograph. There are so many rich, colorful subjects. Life just happens in full view all along any street that you drive on. Just riding in our van from Phnom Penh to Kampong Chnang every day was a joy. I set my Canon 30D to try to capture as much of what I saw as we drove. I knew that many photos would be out of focus, but I shot anyway. I figured that at least I would capture the image and the moment and if nothing else the photos could be used as material for Water Color paintings I might do later. Each evening I was pleasantly surprised at how many photos actually came out acceptable and in focus. I’ll share some of those photos later.

The photo above was taken at the orphanage that we built. The two orphans were having a great time being pushed about in one of our two-wheeled, wheel barrows. I can still hear thier laughter and see thier smiling faces. I have titled it Pure Joy. They just had this wonderful, innocent, pure joy riding around. And, I had a wonderful, pure joy capturing their picture. This photo is probably my most appreciated and most viewed photo. I have seen it blown up on big screens in front of thousands of people and blown up on a 10′ banners. It is my screen saver on my iPhone. Anytime I show it to someone, I watch as a look of pure joy comes across thier face as they view it, which of course, brings more pure joy to me as a photographer.

Posted by greggboyer on November 5, 2009
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  1. 11/7/2009

    Just Gorgeous!!!


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