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Something for something

tea cups 12x18What is it about this photo that just everyone likes? I’m not really sure, but I think it is one of the photos I have sold the most. We have it hanging in our home and I find myself just staring at it. There is just something intriguing about it. It may be the colors, the pattern and arrangement of cups, the depth of field, or more likely it is all of the above.

The back story on the picture is a good memory for me. If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you’ll quickly find that all of my photos have deep emotional meanings to me, that go beyond what is visible in the photo. The whole reason why I write this blog is to tell these stories. It has been said that a good photo does not need any words. I suppose that is true. But, I find that a good caption gives the viewer more reason to look again and again. And when they do, it becomes more than a good photo and turns into something more. Something important, something interesting, something…. ha. That makes me think of my friend Fatosh in Kosova. When you ask her what something is and she does not know how to describe it in English, she says, “That is something for something.”

So, that is why I write this blog, my new tag line should read, Something for Something. I tell the stories so you’ll know and understand the something for something about my work.

So what is the story behind this photo you ask? I’ll continue that in the next post, called Tea for Two.

Posted by greggboyer on November 7, 2009

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