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_MG_0596Port Bolivar, Texas, Hurricane Ike.  When I took this photo I saw a story told by the juxtaposition of the damaged house behind the heavy equipment. The leaning foundation of the house in the background and the home eating machine in the foreground tells a lot about the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Most of the work that Service International did on Bolivar Peninsula was tearing down homes that had suffered too much damage and could not be  repaired back to safe code.  This was in stark contrast to the hundreds of homes restored by SI in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  The majority of homes in New Orleans had suffered water damage from flooding and they did not have the wind and storm surge damage that destroyed homes in Texas. I observed that where the eye of Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the Gulfport, MS, and where the eye of Hurricane Ike made landfall on Bolivar Peninsula, it was total destruction and little of anything was left but tons and tons of piled up rubbish from toys to lumber to cars to beds. So much evidence of people’s destroyed lives just lying in heavy piles everywhere. Every little scrap of what is now junk told someone’s story.

Posted by greggboyer on November 8, 2009

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