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Remnant of a Garden

_MG_0940 As I’ve walked among the total destruction of the aftermath of a hurricane, I’ve seen some horrible sites. It affects me emotionally to see so much of people lives spread everywhere that you walk. Then you come upon something that stops you in your tracks. In the middle of devastation a flower springs forth. Something of beauty and yet you realize it was probably the last one left of what was once someone’s beautiful, treasured garden.

I think the other category of item that always make me stop and pause is Christmas ornaments. For some reason they seem like someone’s lost treasure that can not be restored. Like a pile of memories of Christmas past that have been stolen forever.

And then you come upon the toys. Toys that once gave so much joy. Now sitting silent, lost and the laughter all gone. Like the stuffed animal in the second photo on the right. It is laying in a ton of rotting mess that was once a home. There is no redemption for it now. It must be discarded and thrown into a pile of rubbish, remnants of lives broken by disaster.


It would all be too depressing if it were not for meeting and working with the people who you are helping. Their hope is restored and their laughter has returned because you, a stranger that has traveled a long distance to be there, are there helping them rebuild their life. Their gratitude is so encouraging. There is nothing like helping someone in the hour of their need. It helps to show that it is all just stuff and people are what is important.

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Posted by greggboyer on November 10, 2009

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