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Finding Faith in a Disaster

It’s OK to question your faith. Often in the midst of crisis or a disaster people ask “Why God?” or “Where is God?” A few days ago, an enormous earthquake caused mass destruction in the country of Haiti. People are asking why God? God is big enough to handle questions and He will answer yours.
I have traveled with Service International to many disasters sites. I’ve helped people hurt by war, hurricane, tsunami, poverty and hunger. I’ve seen some pretty horrible sites of human suffering. I’ve asked the question, too.
I found my answer on the first trip I took with Service International to Zimbabwe, Africa. I was at a low point in my life, battling depression… and questioning God. I had a long standing question for God. My question usually came after I saw God do something good. Then I would ask, “Yeah, but what about the starving children in Africa.” I think I had come to believe that God was evident in our wealthy churches in America, but was not to be found in Africa. I kind of think God was tired of the question and decided the best way to answer it was to take me to Africa and show me.
Africa changed me. I got there and found it  worse than I had imagined. I experienced some awful sites of poverty, hunger and AIDS. I found my faith lacking. After God emptied me of all of the junk I was full of, He began to show me just how much He cared for the children of Africa. He showed me the enormous faith that the people in Africa had in the midst of the many challenges they face there. I saw some true faith displayed by people who I thought I was going to show my faith to. And I saw God do amazing things for the children of Africa whom He loves so much.
Today, I heard a new anchor on CNN asking “Why God?” He got his answer from a reporter on the ground in Haiti who said that he did not see the earthquake survivors asking why. Instead he was incredulous that they were thanking God and praising Him. They knew the earthquake was not caused by a loving God. They knew that He was their hope and only salvation.
What the earthquake survivors may not know is how God is tugging at the hearts of the world to help the people of Haiti. Some people will go and some will give. And there are those who will do nothing but blame God. I encourage you to question Him instead. He has your answer. I’ve found mine. I will be going to Haiti to help hurting people. Maybe your answer is there too.

More of my story of my experience in Africa can be found at my website “Heart of a Cobbler”.

Posted by greggboyer on January 17, 2010

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