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Keepsake Gravy

Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes leave people’s lives strewn everywhere. As you walk through a home devastated by a storm you see every former possession of the family that once lived there. It is like everything was put into a blender and then poured throughout the entire home. Like a keepsake gravy that has seeped into every nook and cranny. Each item looks up at you and screams tell my story. A muddy and storm bedraggled dolly still cries of the loss from the child who once played with her. A bigmouth Billy Bass, still in its original box sings the blues that it was a gift never given. A homemade, hand-painted Christmas star made out of pine, tells of holiday memories made in this home. But this keepsake now rides high in a wheelbarrow that will deposit it in a heap. The heap that waits for an end-loader to dump it in a truck. The truck will take it to a designated site where all of the keepsake gravy is poured into larger and and ever larger piles.

The home is eventually swept clean of all the 2 x 4 driftwood, venomous snakes, stinking, moldy drywall and all the keepsake gravy. Then it is sprayed with a chlorine bleach mixture to make it inhabitable by humans again. The past is sterilized.  A family will start a new life in this home. The life of a survivor. And new keepsakes, with fresh memories, will adorn the walls once again.

Posted by greggboyer on March 10, 2010

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